• Providing leading sensitivity in metallic particle detection through ANALEX PQ range..

  • Sub micron as total ferrous content for low viscosity oil through to greases and QC steel mill samples.

  • Identify, collate and categorise ferrous and none-ferrous particles in real time.

Wear Debris Analysis

All machinery will wear with use. Contact and fatigue will produce a continuous stream of microscopic metallic particles. Highly accurate sensors that report on both the concentration, size, rate and composition of wear generation providing immediate indications of increased wear rates or impending failure.

  • Instantly monitor ferrous wear particle concentration in PQ Index or ppm.
  • Report on ferrous and non-ferrous particle size, count and generation rate >40 micron (Fe).
  • Prepare oil and grease samples for ferrography analysis and in depth investigations of accelerated wear mechanisms.

On-site laboratories

On-Line Sensors
Industry leaders in on-line sensors, providing plant engineers and maintenance managers with real time, continuously monitored testing and wear debris analysis data for critical plant and equipment. Oil condition, insolubles & viscosity, water contamination and wear metals.  ATEX approval and many data protocols available. See also Holroyd range of on-line vibration & AE sensors.

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Bunker Sampling EquipmentOn-Site Ferrography Labs
Sensitive, yet rugged magnetometers for on-site field and laboratory use. Immediate identification of ferrous contamination. No physical contact with the sample.  Additional equipment for preparation of ferrograhic slides for in depth investigation of high test results. (Did you know that ExxonMobil and Shell Marine scrapedown oil programmes use unique Parker Kittiwake technologies? )

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Kittiwake Learning Zone

Info Centre
The Parker Kittiwake Information Centre is a comprehensive Condition Monitoring resource, providing detailed technical information & practical guidance. In-service oil & grease analysis, wear metals analysis, emissions monitoring, vibration & AE, gas valve leakage, structural analysis and more.

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Wear Metals

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