• Easily used by ships maintenance staff right out of the box

  • Instant indication of condition for motor bearings, gears, compressors, slewing rings, hoists, winches...

  • Plan maintenance and have the spares available on time. Minimise off-hire and demurrage.
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ThrusterSCAN - Online Thruster Condition Monitoring

ThrusterSCAN unitA new era in Rig Monitoring

The critical operational nature of thrusters means that prevention is the best cure.

Parker Kittiwake's ThrusterSCAN is a revolutionary new system designed to monitor the lubrication system of azimuth thrusters. Automated warnings and alarms mean that potential problems are detected in their infancy, facilitating immediate, preventative action.

ThrusterSCAN HMIThrusterSCAN not only acts as a first alert to any problems by providing constant assessment for signs of wear, oil degradation and seal failure; it can also be used to link external outputs from other systems e.g. vibration sensors. 
Furthermore, all information can be accessed remotely using an internet browser, giving complete operational control no matter where you are in the world.

ThrusterSCAN comprises of up to 8 individual Thruster Monitoring Units (TMUs) that support several groups of oil and machinery condition sensors in remote locations. These act to monitor the oil circulating through the thruster, allowing continuous measurement of the following parameters:
  •  Metallic Wear Debris
  •  Moisture in the Oil
  •  Oil Condition
  •  Seal Oil Condition (optional)
  •  Seal Oil Moisture (optional)
  •  Acoustic Emissions (optional)
  •  Link to Vibration Monitoring System (optional)
  •  Link to Thruster Operating Parameters (optional)

System data is displayed on the simple to use Human Machine Interface (HMI) of each TMU as well as being consolidated on the HMI of the central Master Control Panel allowing simultaneous viewing of all thruster data.


  • First alert - changes are highlighted as they start to occur, not only at scheduled intervals, allowing preventative action to be taken before any significant damage has occurred
  • Alarms - in the event of a measurement limit being exceeded, a specific alarm will be activated, allowing early diagnosis and planned maintenance before lubrication or machinery failure
  • Remote monitoring - data from all thrusters can be accessed and downloaded remotely enabling the sensor data to be viewed and controlled from a central, remote location
  • Manage thruster overhaul schedule - extending in-water survey / dry dock intervals
  • Provides rapid feedback - informs engineers on the mechanical effects of operating methodologies
  • Utilises thrusters based on actual thruster conditions and optimises redundancy model

Ordering Information


Part Number Description
FG-K17755-KWThruster Monitoring Unit (1 per thruster)
FG-K17756-KWMaster Control Unit (1 per ECR and/or bridge)
Optional Seal Monitoring 
FG-K19509-KWSeal Oil Sensor (1 per thruster)
FG-K19528-KWSeal Oil Extension Cable
Optional Acoustic Emissions Monitoring 
FG-K19404-KWOptional Acoustic Emissions for ThrusterSCAN
FG-K19527-KWAcoustic Emission Communications Kit

Oil Analysis

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