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Condition Monitoring System - Parker Kittiwake Information Portal

Every machinery maintenance professional has heard of or applied the practice of machine Condition Monitoring, Proactive Maintenance, Condition Based Maintenance, Predictive Maintenance, equipment vibration monitoring, etc.  All these philosophies help prevent unplanned breakdown and maximise plant availability.  All require buy-in at the plant equipment maintenance level, an efficient system, and timely information.  

This is where Parker Kittiwake condition based maintenance products sit, On-Line, On-Site and Off-Site services, sensors and systems, like condition monitoring vibration, provide early indication of fault or failure in your plant equipment and machinery through or condition based monitoring system, which includes:

  • In-Use or In-Service oil & grease analysis.
  • Ferrography and magnetometry for wear metals.
  • Fuel sampling and testing for quality and quantity.
  • Exhaust gas emissions for NOx, SOx, CO2 and many other pollutants.
  • Condition monitoring vibration, acoustic emissions, poor lubrication.
  • Gas and valve leakage.
  • Water and effluent testing, chemical dosing and sampling.
  • Structural monitoring for cracks and fatigue.

On-Line or On-Site monitoring solutions providing the earliest warning of fault and failures within your capital equipment.

Equipment Condition Monitoring - Machine Vibration

This resource provides a background and guidance for anyone involved with plant operation and equipment system maintenance. Information is available about the subject, application, your industry and specific guidance on what techniques, like condition monitoring vibration, are appropriate for your application.  

Log on regularly for condition based monitoring, it is continually updated as international rules, regulations, technology and working practices change.

Machine Condition Based Maintenance System

To begin, simply select your topic of interest, like machine monitoring, from the landing sections above. Within each section you can navigate using the Menu Bar on the left hand side. Image galleries and downloadable condition based maintenance system material can be accessed from the right hand Menu Bar.  

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