• 50% of the worlds deep sea fleet use Kittiwake equipment -Sampling programmes & Logistics.

  • New testing products to meet new legislative requirements. Simple, reliable solutions to keep you legal.

  • Heavy R&D investment in support of long term customer relationships.

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Sampling ProgrammeSampling Programmes & Global Logistics
Off-Site analysis of lubricating oils, fuels and greases require a sample to be taken and transported to one or more centrally located laboratory. The used lube oil sample has to be accurately documented, securely sealed for transportation. An additional requirement for marine fuel samples is tamper evidence of the sealing system itself. Parker Kittiwake have always had a specialisation in this area having operated many major marine Used Oil Analysis and Bunker Fuel analysis programme logistics. Assembly and shipping can be undertaken from locations in USA, UK and Malaysia. Contact Parker Kittiwake for a list of references.

Marine Water TestingMarine Potable Water and Sewage Effluent
This is a legislation driven requirement under the ILO Maritime Labour Convention 2006, predicted to come in to force in Q1 2012. Parker Kittiwake manufacture a very wide range of mainly drop test reagents and powder sachets for water testing. We retained the marine specialisation to serve our specific customer base having divested the industrial water test division to The Tintometer Ltd. in 2011. Look here for a single one stop and convenient answer to this reporting requirement and avoid potential Port State inspection problems.

Cloud Point TesterSpecialist Products
About half of our product range is manufactured for OEM supply, branded for specific customer requirements. Some 10% of turnover is invested in R&D supporting a department with specific skills sets in industrial design, IR and UV spectroscopy, magnetometry, applied physics, analogue and digital electronics, product manufacturability and chemistry.  We develop customer specific products with R&D costs recovered around an open commercial view across the projected product life cycle. Examples include MoD POT Meters, Cloud Point testers, Ionic Chemical dosing units and Automated boiler water dosing units. Contact Parker Kittiwake if you have a specific requirement that falls in to our skill set.

Information CentreInfo Centre
The Information Centre is a comprehensive Condition Monitoring resource providing detailed technical information & practical guidance. Of particular relevance is guidance around bunkering practices and test procedures ensuring what you receive is what you ordered.

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