• Single stand alone or multi-parameter DIGI and ECON test kit ranges.

  • Entry level On-Site test equipment for used oil analysis.

  • Patented EasySHP none hazardous reagents for quick and cost effective transportation.

Oil Test Kits

Kittiwake DIGI Tests

DIGI Tests
A range of On-Site tests based around our unique electronic DIGI cell for Water/BN (formerly Total Base Number - TBN).  Digital display, 5 year battery life and multi range capability.  The DIGI range covers Water, BN (TBN), Insolubles, Viscosity testing and Hydraulic Particles. Often supplied in multi-parameter test kits with ECON tests covering AN (Acid Number, formerly Total Acid Number TAN) testing, Salt, Insolubles and Viscosity to form a comprehensive solution. Rugged and simple to use, tests typically take <2 minutes each. Comprehensive replacement reagent packs include all necessary consumables.  Tests use EasySHIP Non-Hazardous reagents EasySHIP.

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Kittiwake ECON salt test kitECON Tests 
Entry level and very economical tests in stand alone kits. Used as stand alone tests or in combination with other ECON or DIGI tests, available parameters cover Salt, Insolubes, AN (Acid Number, formerly Total Acid Number TAN) testing and Viscosity. Comprehensive replacement reagent packs include all necessary consumables. AN (TAN), Insolubles and Salt test are also available for larger more comprehensive test kits. 


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Kittiwake Multiparameter Test Kit

Multi-Parameter Test Kits
A complete set of economically priced oil equipment with a level of accuracy suited to routine analysis. These oil test kits will identify most major problems in time to limit major damage.  They will give you comfort that the oil is fit for use and system free of major contamination. The ability to test On-Site at the point of use enables you to conduct oil analysis quickly and easily. Detecting out-of-spec fuels and lubricants can identify potential problems, before they become critical. Choose from a range of oil testing equipment and parameters to use either individually, or combined as a single oil test kit containing combinations of DIGI and ECON tests.

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Supplied ready for use, in aluminium or durable ABS cases, these multi-parameter test kits contain all of the necessary equipment and consumables for your oil condition monitoring programme.

  • Fast, accurate results for multiple oil parameters in an easy to use, portable kit.
  • Make informed on-site maintenance decisions, act before the onset of critical failure.
  • Robust and reliable for use in harsh or remote environments.

EasySHIP Reagent Non-Hazardous Reagents
Parker Kittiwake constantly develop ways to reduce the cost of your Planned Maintenance programme. One way is to decrease the hazardous nature of our tests and associated shipping costs. Over the past two years we have developed many alternatives allowing re-classification of over 80 reagents. Such tests are now non-hazardous for shipping, look for the EasySHIP logo. 

Hydraulic Particles Test KitHydraulic Particles Test Kit
A small self contained kit specifically aimed at basic On-Site care of hydraulic systems.  Quickly identify hydraulic system contamination by a variety of metallic and non-metallic contaminants and gauge the suitability for continued use or need for additional filtration. 

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Used Oil Analysis

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