• On-line particle detector for mineral oil, agressive fluids or fuels

  • Independent monitoring of system contamination trends

  • Continuous performance for prolonged analysis
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icountPD Particle Detector

Parker icount particle detectorParker's icountPD particle detector represents the most up-to-date technology in particle detection. The design dynamics, attention to detail and moulding compactness of the permanently mounted, online particle detector module, combined with on-board, laser based, leading-edge technology, brings to all industries a truly revolutionary particle detector as a remarkable cost-effective market solution to fluid management and contamination control.

Product Features & Benefits:

  • Independent monitoring of system contamination trends
  • Warning LED or digital display indicators for Low, Medium and High contamination levels
  • Visual indicators with power and alarm output warnings
  • Moisture %RH indicator (optional)
  • Cost effective solution to prolong fluid life and reduce machine downtime
  • Continuous performance for prolonged analysis
  • Fuel, Hydraulic and phosphate ester fluid compatible construction
  • Self-diagnostic software
  • Full PC/PLC integration technology such as:- RS232 and 0.5Volt, 4-20mA, CAN (J1939)
  • Set up and data logging support software available


Measurement Period:5-180 seconds
Principle of Operation:Laser diode optical detection of actual particulatesbetter
Reproducibility / Repeatability:Better than 1 ISO code
Power Requirement:Regulated 9 to 40 Vdc
Current Rating:Typically 120 mA
Required Flow Rate:40 to 140 ml/min (optimum flow = 60 ml/min)
Viscosity Range:1 - 500 cSt

Ambient Storage Temperature:
Environment Operating Temperature:
Fluid Operating Temperature:

-20°C to +40°C (-4°F to +104°F)
+5°C to +60°C (+41°F to +140°F)
+5°C to +80°C (+41°F to +176°F)

Working Pressure:

2 to 420 bar (30 - 6000 PSI)

Operating Humidity Range:

5% RH to 100% RH


182 mm x 155 mm x 86 mm


 Ordering Information
Part NumberDisplayCommunicationMoisture
IPD12222130LEDRS232 / 4 - 20 mANO
IPD12222230LEDRS232 / 4 - 20 mAYES
IPD12223130LEDRS232 / 0 - 5 VNO
IPD12223230LEDRS232 / 0 - 5 VYES
IPD12322130DigitalRS232 / 4 - 20 mANO
IPD12322230DigitalRS232 / 4 - 20 mAYES
IPD12323130DigitalRS232 / 0 - 5 VNO
IPD12323230DigitalRS232 / 0 - 5 VYES

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