• Early indication of potential fuel delivery problems

  • Wax crystals forming in the fuel may block filters and cause fuel delivery problems

  • Highly portable and robust - ideal for use in small spaces
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Cloud Point Detector

Cloud Point DetectorProduct Code: FG-K16954-KW

The Cloud Point Detector automatically identifies the temperature at which wax crystals begin to form in a distillate fuel (the Cloud Point). Developed for the UK MoD*, this is important for military vessels and those operating in arctic waters and for testing winter grade distillate deliveries in land based power gen.  Wax crystal formation causes the oil to become cloudy in appearance with a greatly increased tendency to block filters and fuel systems. This Cloud Point Detector / Analyzer operates by cooling an oil sample and monitoring the intensity of light transmission. It can handle multiple wax formation point and will select the most appropriate. The unit allows cloud point tests to be carried out before accepting the fuel and a normal test takes less than 10 minutes.

* Ministry of Defence,  NATO Stock Number NSN: 99-8820281

  • Highly portable and robust - ideal for use in small spaces
  • Small sample required with quick results
  • Instructions and graphs clearly plotted on LCD for each test
  • Easy to use and supplied with training manual - no training or expertise required


Ambient Temperature:+20°C to +30°C
Diesel Test Temperature:Room Temperature
Dimensions (Boxed):575 x 360 x 310mm (Boxed), 250 x 255 x 115mm (Unit)
Display:124x64 graphics LCD with LED backlight
Environmental protection:IP21
Example test time:(Using Range 2) -1°C cloud point detected in <6 minutes
Power:100-250 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Ranges - FG-K16954-KW:User selectable: +25°C to 0°C, +15°C to -10°C, +5°C to -18°C
Sample size:0.5ml
Weight:Unit alone 2.6kg, Kit in metal case 11kg, Kit in portable case 6kg
Part NumberDescription
FG-K16954-KWCloud Point Detector, Extended temperature range, +20-(-)18oC
FG-K3-003-KW1ml Syringe Pack (10)
AS-K13039-KWCalibration Fluid

Bunker Fuel

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